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    US Vice President, Joe Biden Visit

    Our President/CEO, Dave Peck, along with other senior business leaders from the American business community, recently met with Vice President Joe Biden for an briefing on the USA economy and Asian regional issues. VP Biden was hosted by Pratt & Whitney at their Eagle facility in Singapore.

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    20 Years at Semicon Singapore

    Award for participating in SEMICON Singapore President and CEO of Millice Pte Ltd Dave Peck accepts from Ng Kai Fai SEMI's Regional Manager an award for participating in SEMICON Singapore for the full 20 years that SEMI has been exhibiting in Singapore.

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    Successful P3 Process Training

    Millice Pte Ltd and her sister company, Image Transforms Singapore have just completed an intensive 6-day course - "A Process of Plans with a Purpose" - presented by Mr. Dan Fields. The P3 process covered the complete Sales Process, from Targeting and Approaching, Gathering, Connecting, Planning, to Negotiating. Thanks to…

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    Trebor New Pump Release – Trebor 620D

    Advanced features offered on the new Trebor 620D Pump will provide many advantages for current and new pump applications.Trebor 620D chemical pump is the answer to problems in chemical delivery and recirculation applications where system backpressures are high and often fluctuate

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    In August our President & CEO, David (Dave) Peck participated in a 4 day trade mission to Myanmar that was jointly sponsored by the US Embassy in Singapore and The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, of which he is on the Board of Governors. The Mission lead by The…

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