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    High-Precision Mechanical Contact Profilers and Optical profiler.

    VLSI Standards

    Leading supplier of NIST traceable calibration standards and calibration certificates.


    World Leader in the development and manufacturers of MIXERS .

    North Star Imaging

    NSI provides World Class Industrial Digital X-ray and 3D Computed Tomography Systems.

    Toho Tech

    Thin Film Stress Measurement Tool: NEW MODEL The industry standard in thin film stress analysis.

    Trebor International

    High Purity Air Operated Diaphragm Pump and DI Water/ Chemical heater.

    Insight K.K.

    IKK?offers systems, services and training in the field of non-destructive testing technology (NDT). In particular, Insight specialised in non-destructive testing by using Ultrasound technology.

    Dynatex International

    Provides a complete line of die-singulation products for dry-icing, saw dicing, wafer bonding and wafer expanding processes.

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