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    Toho Technology

    For a Distributor / Representative located near you or for further sales inquiries, please call us at?+65 6552 7211?or email us at?info@millice.com.sg

    The FLX Series

    Stress Measurement System:

    – Provides accurate stress measurements on various films and substrate
    – Precisely determines and analyzes surface stress on deposited thin films
    – Ideal for research and development purposes
    – Resolving problems such as metal and dielectric film cracking, voiding, and lifting formation
    – Equipped with a heating element for stress monitoring at high temperatures
    – Inert flush capability offers a controlled atmosphere in nitrogen or argon, preventing oxidation and moisture effects


    KLA-Tencor’s patented Dual Wavelength Technology:
    – Enables the system to select the wavelength most suitable for the particular application
    – Pre-selecting the optimal wavelength minimizes destructive interference patterns from transparent films such as silicon nitride

    Outstanding Software:
    – The intuitive, Windows-based analysis software displays any combination of stress, time, surface deflection, or reflected light intensity measurements.


    Automatics Wafer Mapping
    FLX-2320-R : Sample size from 75mm to 200mm
    FLX-3300-R : Sample size 200mm and 300mm

    Thermal cycling from -65°C to 500°C
    FLX-2320-S : Sample size from 75mm to 200mm
    FLX-3300-S : Sample size 200mm and 300mm

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