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    Wafer Fabrication


    High-Precision Mechanical Contact Profilers and Optical profiler.

    Trebor International

    High Purity Air Operated Diaphragm Pump and DI Water/ Chemical heater.

    Dynatex International

    Provides a complete line of die-singulation products for dry-icing, saw dicing, wafer bonding and wafer expanding processes.

    Toho Tech

    Thin Film Stress Measurement Tool: NEW MODEL The industry standard in thin film stress analysis.

    Thermo Scientific (Duke)

    Microparticles for use as reference standard for size measurements, as flow tracing devices, for molecular biology, and nucleic acid isolation applications and as reactive surfaces to transport diagnostic reagents.

    VLSI Standards

    Leading supplier of NIST traceable calibration standards and calibration certificates.

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