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    After sales support is handled by our competent and highly specialized technicians and support staff. The Millice Team provides after sales support training, maintenance and complete service packages so that your company performs at its maximum efficiency. Millice service and support centers are strategically located in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and India in order to provide the most efficient service possible.


    Our facilities are designed to offer the best in after sales support and service.

    Pump Rebuild Facility

    As a certified Trebor Signature Service Probider, we perform service support for fast repair and rebuild. All service provided are performed under stringent Trebor Specifications

    Demo Lab

    We provide system demonstrations to ensure that applications meet your requirements. Contact us for your new applications.

    Adhesive Packaging Laboratory

    We provide adhesive material packaging service to customers who require materials in either bottles or syringes. Talk to us about your Epoxy packaging requirements.

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